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In 2012, a variety of organizations worked together to launch an international day of charitable giving. A new tradition, called #GivingTuesday, was born. 

The idea behind this initiative was to cut through some of the consumerism and commercialism that had come to dominate U.S. Thanksgiving and Christmas. In other words, after a day of feasting and in the midst of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, people were asked to pause and think about others. 

If you are like me, six years after the launch of this idea, the hype around #GivingTuesday is starting to get overwhelming. My inbox is already getting full of Cyber Monday deals and #GivingTuesday appeals. To help you cut through the clutter…at least for #GivingTuesday…here are some links to various CRCNA ministries that you can choose to support:

  • Resonate Global Mission is encouraging people to support a missionary on #GivingTuesday. 
  • Back to God Ministries International suggests that people can use #GivingTuesday as an opportunity to support their work to spread the Gospel. You can also donate specifically towards support of The Today devotional.
  • World Renew is focusing their #GivingTuesday effort around providing hope for women and girls in times of disaster.
  • Or visit to give a gift to one or more of the following organizations:
    • Aboriginal Ministry
    • The Banner
    • Canadian Ministries
    • Candidacy
    • Centre for Public Dialogue
    • Chaplaincy & Care Ministry
    • Disability Concerns
    • Dwell Assist program
    • Ecumenical Relations
    • Faith Formation Ministries
    • Ignite
    • Leadership Development: Women & Ethnic Ministry
    • Office of Social Justice
    • Pastor Church Resources
    • Race Relations
    • Raise Up Global Ministries
    • Safe Church Ministry
    • Worship Ministries

Social media around #GivingTuesday can be overwhelming, but I'm grateful for the opportunity this day provides to focus on giving as a way to express our gratitude to God.  Do you participate in #GivingTuesday? What causes are your favorite? 


This article contributes to the very problem you are identifying i.e:

""If you are like me, six years after the launch of this idea, the hype around #GivingTuesday is starting to get overwhelming.""

Your posting caught my attention right as I was doing a proposal to our annual church budget on which Missionaries we would support for the next year(s).

Not sure we need a day of "Charitable Giving". The CRCNA has a long tradition of weekly and /or monthly giving. That along with the  Ministry Share program has served it well. 


Great point, Harry.  I guess I was thinking that IF people wanted to participate in #GivingTuesday, that it might be nice for them to have one place where all of the CRCNA options are listed.  That way they don't have to sift through emails or social media to find them all.  I do agree, though, that the CRC has a long tradition of generous giving and we don't need a designated day for that. 

Personally, I try and avoid being influenced by appeals for my gifts by cleverly worded appeals. I keep a list of worthy causes and when I open the document, the software chooses one in the list for me to give. Quite often an organization shows up which does not give daily requests for donations. I like it that way, so I am not influenced negatively or positively by requests for donations. I can safely deletes all such emails.

I agree with August. I do follow another routine during the year though. I enter the charity number of the organization that is asking for the funds into the CRA website. It provides lots of detail on how much money is spent on marketing, advertising and how much the top people get paid.  My personal rule of thumb is that if marketing and  administration exceed 10% of the revenue collected, the organization is very inefficient.  You would be surprised how may organizations are in the 20-40% bracket!

As a  total aside.... I can (and do) also check on churches and church organizations. That also is very revealing.

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