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This past week Franklin Graham was in Fresno, CA, where he conducted what was called a prayer rally (which I thought was a pastoral thing to do). But he became political when he said that California was in trouble. 

California has been governed by Jerry Brown (who has been governor for 16 years) and has had an assembly with democrats in the majority for a long time. Clearly this was a political statement. Was he speaking as member of the clergy and would this kind of statement fit well on meeting the criteria advocated in two CRC overtures to Synod? I think not. He was speaking for Republican policies and politicians. Graham should be called out for this by those who advocate for less clergy/church involvement in politics.

Graham heads the Billy Graham Association and the charitable organization Samaritan's Purse.

I take issue with Graham on his approach. Graham has been a Donald Trump supporter for a long time. President Donald Trump advocates an immigration policy based on race and ethnicity rather than 'all are created in the image of God,' and believes he is making American Great Again by lying his way to the American people.  

In addition, Trump advocates an economic policy which has its roots in the political theory developed by atheist E. Rand and lacks compassion for those who are living in poverty. One needs only to look at the so called tax reform bill which gives millions of dollars to the wealthy corporations and individuals while cutting health care for many  and lowering the tax of poor people only slightly.

In short, President Trump's views are far from a good Samaritan approach to the economy, immigration, race, and gender. So much for biblical principles.


Yep, pretty silly (and unwise) of Franklin Graham to not resist the urge to use his pulpit to pitch his political views.

And so why does the CRCNA do the same (even if with an alternate political perspective)?  That is the question we need to consider.

I wouldn't say that The Network ("this site") leans toward any particular perspective, but the Network is only one media arm of the CRCNA (and its whoever-wants-to-talk discussion enabling facility). 

But the CRCNA's Office of Social Justice (and its media outlets) are most certainly politically inclined, even quite stridently so, and certainly as much or more than is Franklin Graham, even if in a different political direction.  That should end, lest we emulate Franklin Graham's foolishness.

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