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“Where there is a will there is a way.”  Frequently I hear parents make the comment that the church does not have enough programs for their children.  As council members we sometimes seem to agree and fail to find solutions.  Smaller churches many times experience frustration because they do not have enough children of a certain age or teenagers to sponsor the programs parents are seeking.  I think that it is possible for smaller churches to offer some of the same programs as larger churches if they become more innovative.

Here are some suggestions.  Many communities have programs such as “Young Life” in their communities.  By becoming part of the “Young Life” program through adult volunteers from the church, the church can send their Junior High and High School students to those programs.  Many times programs such as “Young Life” are seeking places to meet.  The church may be able to facilitate those needs.  Both the church and “Young Life” win in that situation and the church has a youth program it is affiliated with that parents can utilize for their families.  Expand that kind of cooperation with other programs such as food banks, feed the homeless programs, and other such programs.  Most of the charities in the community are looking for volunteers.  By agreeing to be a sponsoring church your church newsletter can be filled with opportunities for adults to participate in church sponsored programs without needing resources or a large staff to “man” the programs. 

Small churches by being innovative are able to be part of programs that give their members as many opportunities as the mega churches.  Another way to facilitate lack of size is to group together with other smaller churches in the community and join resources to sponsor programs. 

I think sometimes we have a habit of just “shrugging our shoulders” and believe we do not have the resources to have the programs our member’s desire.  I think if we take the attitude, “If there is a will there is a way” will help us be more creative and resourceful. 

Are some smaller churches already doing what I am suggesting?  Is it possible to implement some of these suggestions?  What do you think?

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