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In January we launched another way to connect with others about ministry - live webinars! It's off to a great start. So much so, that we're looking to expand our lineup.

But there's one's really tough deciding what topics to include. Our first topic had about 75 registrants but another topic had just a handful.

So today we're eliminating the guesswork and letting YOU help us decide.

Now when you visit you can see a list of "Proposed Webinars". Here's how it works:

  1. Click to vote on the ones you like.
  2. When there's enough interest, we schedule it.
  3. Then we send an email to everyone who voted, inviting you to register.

Simple, no? This type of community approach is part of a trend. A growing number of conferences, for example, are adding workshop proposals to their website and inviting people to vote on what makes it into the final lineup. It's a win-win - organizers don't have to guess and attendees get the workshops they need.

We'll be adding new proposals all the time, so periodically check to add your votes and to register for what's been scheduled (TIP: subscribe to the weekly email as a reminder to yourself).

What other ministry topics would you like us to cover? Add your suggestions in the comments below.


Hi, Tim!

I was just curious if the numbers of downloads or views of the recorded/archived webinars are considered when you determine if a topic has been successful? I only ask because although there have been some topics of interest, I haven't been able to attend any of the webinars live due to my work schedule (I work half time at two jobs and I'm always at my non-church job on Wednesday mornings.)

For example, in looking at the scheduled webinars, I was noticing that there are dates for trainings for Elders and for Deacons. Many in those roles probably serve in addition to their "regular" full time jobs, but may be able to view such an event in the evening, either individually or as used by a church in a scheduled meeting.

Great point. Yes, we definitely want to keep those "attendees" in mind as well.

In fact, just looking at stats of our first few webinars the number of people who watched the recording are higher than the number who attended live. And those numbers will continue to grow.

Another interesting aspect is to see how many people huddle around a computer to watch the webinars together. That's something we ask about in the followup survey and it's cool to see how many do. What a great way to learn and discuss together.


We've tossed around the possibility of offering webinars at some different times over the summer months, but nothing is firmed up yet.  Would you be able to attend any if we were to offer them during noon to 1:00 p.m. PST? My thinking is that there are others on the West Coast who might appreciate a webinar that works with their lunch hour.

The odds for me are definitely better at that time. :) (Sorry I didn't reply to this sooner!)

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