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I've included the description of the book below.  Early readers and reviewers (many from within CRC circles) have been blessed and encouraged by the book. It's a book that deals with our fight with God and His willingness to fight stubborn rebels like myself.

I would love to bless my brothers and sisters in Christ by giving anyone a free copy of the ebook (Kindle, epub or pdf format).  

You can obtain a copy of the PDF file here: Eli vs God Pdf version.  Email me directly if you would like a Kindle or epub version. I hope you are blessed by it.  

The only favour I ask is that if you do read the book, that you would submit a review on Amazon and/or if you are members there. That will help make the book more visible and bless many others.  

The book is also available in paperback or hardcover at Amazon ( 

I've also added a review by Darren Roorda, our Canadian Ministries director, below. 

A twenty-two-year-old, frustrated Eli Poole is about to break free from a Christian home where he clearly doesn't belong.  He can imagine the freedom. Free at last! No more disapproving looks from his father. No more incessant attempts by his mother to evangelize her wayward son. No more clingy, snot-nosed little brother to put up with. In 3 days, Eli will finally escape Hicksville and enter a brave, new world, full of bright lights and great expectations.

Eli’s journey will take him into a wilderness of trials and temptations and a valley that is deep, dark, and full of danger. But he might also meet some strange and interesting people along the way. Who knows? He might even find some romance—if his greatest adversary allows it, that is. 

Eli believes that it’s Eli vs. the world.  He’s about to find out that it’s not the world he has to worry about—it’s the world’s creator—the LORD God, Almighty. Eli is in for the fight of his life. A fight to the death. Join Eli on his journey. You might just see a little bit of Eli in you.

Darren's Book Review:

"The title "Eli vs God" suggests a battle of epic, unreachable proportions. "You have to let me live my own life!" is the battle but the story is certainly not out of reach.  Instead what we get is an authentic, personal, gripping, and delightfully familiar story of a life journey that every pastor, Christian and seeker can delight in. 

The delight comes because it sounds like it could be our story. The prose draws you in because it is familiar and the power of God warms you because it is ever-present from page to page. It turns out the imagined battle is actually an epic friendship. 
A great first book for author John Moelker."

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I had to insert a comment in order to submit this post. :)

What level of reader is this book geared toward...the Eli's of the world? Or the parents of Eli? Or the church that missed Eli's frustration?  


This particular book/story is geared towards the Eli's of the world primarily and how God will relentlessly pursue His wayward/lost children.  The church in this story did not let him down and neither did his parents. (That is intentional).  It's a modern Jacob-like story where Eli had to wrestle with God and embrace/surrender to the God of his parents for himself.  

Hi Paula,

I believe that the 20's group would most relate to this story.  I'd love to hear if that is the case.  Please let me know.

BTW: Paula is a main character in this novel. :)


John Moelker

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