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Last week I was bombarded by social media posts mourning the end of summer. People were trying to soak up the slower days before fall routines (school, ministry, work) began. The cooler weather here in Michigan didn’t help.

To fight the feeling that summer was slipping away, I decided to plan the quintessential summer dinner: Strawberry Poppy Seed Salad with Grilled Chicken. I even made a trip to the farmer’s market for the occasion. Because to me, nothing says summer like chicken on the grill, fresh greens, and sweet strawberries. Sprinkle on some feta cheese and crunchy croutons and I’m in heaven.

Summer is such a sensory experience. We taste God’s goodness in sticky watermelon and melting waffle cones. We see his creativity in pink and yellow sunsets and fluffy white clouds. We experience his generosity in cool, refreshing water.

I love David’s invitation in Psalm 34:8 to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” This verse is so tangible. We know God’s goodness because we can experience it for ourselves. So while we still have one toe in summer, let’s remember the tastes, smells, and beauty of this season.

Where have you ‘tasted or seen’ God’s goodness this summer?

I’ll get us started in the comments below!


For me it would have to be kayaking in Deep Cove, Vancouver BC on the ocean. The beautiful scenery, the sun shining off the water, the salt on my lips, the wonder of being able to move my body and the friendship of others all made for a beautiful afternoon.


We were out on the boat yesterday, hosting two young couples that didn't know each other... and as the day progressed, one couple asked the other, "have you found a community to worship with?"  I could only thank God for the direction and heart of the conversation!  Only HE knew how much that question meant...but I'm praying that it leads to more conversation!  A day on the water, enjoy fun behind a boat, meeting new people -- is ALL part of God's plan as well!  #heleadswefollow

My garden the the vegetables grown only by what God has provided. The St Lawrence River with it's power and beauty and it's clear waters, the Black River in the Adirondacks and how it truly appears black. The sun on my body, the raindrops on my head, the cooling wind on a hot day blowing my hair. The majesty  and awe of the Rocky Mountains, the coldness and wind whipping crazily and the warmth of the lake below that I wade in and pull a leach off my grandson and gaze at the beauty of the wildflowers. It has been a busy blessed summer and God has allowed me to see much of his magnificent creation!

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