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Jesus once made a remarkable visit. We read about it in the Gospel of John, Chapter 5. There was a festival in Jerusalem. It appears that His disciples were down-town Jerusalem. But Jesus took it upon himself to make this sick-call in Bethesda. It was there that His eye fell on a man who was lying there, paralyzed as he was, probably from his waist down.

It was a wonderful thing that Jesus healed him. The man walked! Imagine, all these years lying, never walking. Yes, a remarkable miracle! But what was also very remarkable was that Jesus knew that he had been there for "a long time".

The verb "to know" as used here, comes close to our word understanding. Literally: "stand under". Jesus placed his shoulders under that man's burden. Jesus took his place.

Jesus "knew".... And because He knew, He spoke. Jesus gave His word... Jesus IS the Word... By speaking Jesus gave Himself.

Halleluiah, what a Savior! He knew! He spoke!

We know so little about each others' burdens. The heavier your burden the more you wished you were surrounded by understanding. Jesus does understand your burden...

A great deal of 2016 lies still ahead of us. We don't know what the future will bring. But Jesus knows. Let's resolve to travel with Jesus.

There is still a detail that the Apostle John adds to this account. In verse 14 of this chapter we read that this man, now healed, is found in the Temple. He apparently felt a need to thank God, to be in His presence. And the presence of His people.

So, look at the Savior. He knows your burden.

Look at this man. He believed, he belonged, he was healed, and he thanked God!



   We are so appreciative of all of your writings, but especially when your wrote me way back in the early 70s.  I was in Brooks, Alberta in our first church complaining about the congregation.  You so beautifully set me straight.  Your remarks were along this line:  "It is never them and us/me.  We are the church of Jesus Christ together with all of our weaknesses and sins.  We are sinners together living only by the grace of God..."   I don't remember the rest of your correction to me, but that was enough to shape the rest of my ministry, and thankfully also my life to this day.   I have been so blessed.  I have learned that God even uses crooked sticks, that He blesses often in spite of us.  Right there in Brooks, Alberta I learned with your help how much I can value and learn from elders and many others in the congregation.  All this and much more you, Louis, and the Holy Spirit helped me to learn.    Thank you so much - for who you are, and for your care for other people.  God's riches blessings to you and Jean!   God is so good!  Ron Fisher 

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