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Network community! I'm curious: What podcasts are you currently listening to? 

Please share links to your favorite podcasts (or episodes) in the comments below. 


I recently discovered  Kingdom Reel when a coworker was interviewed. They do a great job!

Arm Chair Expert with Dax Shepherd - always good to get the perspective of so many different guests from many domains of life. Especially helpful to hear non-christian perspective on life rather than what I might imagine non-christians think or feel. 


Nateland - feel good clean comedy from Nate Bargatze and friends


Huberman Lab Podcast - Dr. Huberman is a professor of neuro science at Stanford School of Medicine. His podcast walks through the neuro science behind a variety of different aspects of life (sleep, exercise, relationships, nutrition, dopamine, motivation, etc.) 



Recently came across Voddie Baucham during my Apologetics studies.  This man is so straight forward and a strong Calvinist with a deep understanding of the Theology yet with the gift of being able to make it simple for us to understand AND to explain.  That is always the key, we must be able to "give the reason for the hope which we have." (1 Peter 3:15b) which means it is deeper than just "a feeling" it is fully MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.  Like the Trinity, there are 3 full engagements required and that is why Voddie gets a 2 thumbs up from me.

Patty Borger, Administrator

"The Holy Post" and it's spin-off, "What in the World"

"The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill" has one more post to go.  This should be required listening for all in ministry.

"Truce" is the most underrated podcast out there. So good.

"Ask NT Wright Anything"

"The Art of Manliness." (Don't let the name fool you, my wife and I regularly listen together.)

"Revisionist History"

(And, just for fun, "Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend")

Ask N.T. Wright Anything

John Mark Comer/Practicing the Way

Truth Over Tribe

Sharon Says So - because she's brilliant and informative about government and American history and we all need a good dose of that! ;-)

I have listened to many of the podcasts already mentioned and look forward to checking out the others!

My favorite podcast of all times is "On Being." It's fantastic. Krista Tippett is the host and she received a Presidential Award that was richly deserved. She interviews writers, theologians, musicians, poets, you name it. As many of the guests mention, she does her homework by reading and deeply getting to know the background of those she talks with. Her questions are insightful and thought-provoking.

Spinoff from On Being is "Poetry Unbound." It's kind of like Poetic Lectio Divina. Padraig O'Tuama reads a poem, reflects on it, reads it again. Only around 15 minutes long. Lyrical, beautiful, easy to listen to, even entertaining.

The Rest is History. Two British historians tell the history of many times and topics. They tease each other relentlessly as they tell the stories of people and places of the past--long past and more recent. You'll learn a lot AND laugh a lot.

The Mockingcast. Three hosts talk about grace--where they see it and where they don't. They talk about articles and stories they've read and a little about their own lives. Two of them are Anglican priests and one is a writer/theologian. This one always sounds boring when I describe it but I just love it. Especially Sarah Condron. She's from Mississippi and just says it as it is--with a little bit of a Southern accent.

Hidden Brain, Death Sex & Money, Radiolab, Freakonomics, CriminalThis is Love, Everything Happens, Jane and Jesus (refers to Jane Austen), Old Books With Grace, Against the Rules, I could go on. For a heartbreaking and beautiful story of a woman who lost her husband to cancer, Goodbye to all this, a 12-part memoir.

As you can see, I'm a bit of a podcast fiend.

"Sharon Says So" - I enjoy Sharon McMahon's no-nonsense, non-partisan approach to politics, government, and daily headlines. I count it a privilege to be a "governerd."

"Quantum: The Wee Flea Podcast"--Scottish pastor, David Robertson, weighs in on world events, throwing in some eclectic tunes along the way (including national anthems).

"The Lazy Genius"--Be genius about things that matter and lazy about the things that don't with Kendra Adachi. She's known for her "lazy genius way" of prioritizing your life.

"40 Minutes in the Old Testament"--A show that moves chapter by chapter through the Old Testament, diving into scripture, and conversing about the sinner and saint aspects of God's Word, with Chad Bird.


The Messy Reformation - Jason Ruis

Reformed Podmatics - Almond Valley CRC


The Briefing with Albert Mohler

Upstream - Colson Center

Life and Books and Everything - Kevin DeYoung

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