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Thankfulness: how important!

So good that it has been honored with a season: we set aside a season of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving means doing. But it is also means being.

Thankfulness begins deep inside our being. We are aware of so much that came our way, so much of it undeserved. And so we think about it and we feel the need to express the appreciation for it.

Thanksgiving. Thankfulness.

The Webster Dictionary tells us that 'to thank' comes from the same root as 'to think'.

Thankfulness. Thinkfulness. Thoughtfulness.

God made humans in His image. Hence believers as well as unbelievers can experience and express thankfulness.

So it is good that many nations have a Thanksgiving Day.

The reality of thankfulness in our hearts can be cultivated. We can ponder of the many gifts that came to us daily. We can cultivate the sweet habit of expressing thanks. Thankfulness is a habit and a practice that can grow.

And so we wish each other a blessed Thanksgiving Day.


Thanks, Lou! I like the way that you explained thankfulness as a habit we must cultivate. This is a great reminder for those times when we don't "feel" thankful. 

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