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Classis Yellowstone's Prayer Coordinator retired, and as Stated Clerk I am attempting to encourage another individual to take up the task. Now as I begin to reacquaint myself with the Prayer Coordinator ministry, I have be browsing the CRCNA & Home Mission's webpages for more information. Classis Renewal has been a good source in the past, but I hesitate to refer anyone to that website since it boldly proclaims- "This section of our site is being retired, and information may be dated..." Now that really is not good "marketing" for someone who is thinking or planning to get involved with leading a Classis prayer network.  Is there someplace I am missing for gathering Prayer Coordinator information that is specific to Classis Prayer Coordinator? 


Thanks for your question and comments Dutchoven.  Last week I began my new position with The Network as Classis Coach.  This position has been vaccant for over three years now so there are a lot of pieces to pick up and get working on.  One of them is the Classis Prayer Coordinators.  The information on the Classis Renewal Website about Classis Prayer Calendars is still relevant and is still used by some Classis Prayer Coordinators.  One of my tasks is to update the website and so hopefully it won't be like this for long.  If the person you are encouraging to take up the task would like to talk to someone about this role I'd be happy to assist.  As well as being the new Classis Coach I am also a Classis Prayer Coordinator for Classis Toronto.  Hope this helps in your search.  Elizabeth.

Thanks Elizabeth for your comment; it is good to know someone is taking up the mantle! You know, sometimes things need to be changed, other times not. I have always liked the name/title: Classis Renewal. Keep the name recognition; to me it seems rather appropriate for the site. Looking forward to seeing how it develops. I most certainly will refer our new prayer coordinator to you...when he/she accepts the position. Del VanDenBerg, aka “dutchoven.”

The position of classical prayer leader/coordinator/mobilizer has come to be increasingly important in encouraging prayer - not only at the classical level, but also in the churches of classis.

The website provides a sample job description for this position, but classes have generally formulated their own to meet specific needs and interests of their classis/churches.

The Classical Renewal Team put a binder together a few years ago (one was sent to each classis) containing materials and resources for classical prayer coordinators, and although the binder is not longer available, the contents should still be available on the web - or we can email you a copy.

If you have any specific questions about the role or opportunities, you can talk with your regional leadership team (many have a prayer leader on them) and/or let me know how I can help.

I'll pray that God will raise up a new classical prayer leader in your classis!


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