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Great analysis. I am currently just finishing the book, and your comments are bang on! As a Canadian, having looked at and lived through many of the events mentioned, the American perspective was refreshing (my mother was American, as is my sister). My initial "big draw" to this book was that fact that my given names are John Wayne (Jones). Thanks for sharing your review.

Hello Staci:

Whenever I see "parenting" and "teenagers" in the same sentence, I take a second look.  By way of quick introduction, I am Becky Jones' (Disability Concerns/Safe Church) father - so I have lived experience with teens (I've also been a middle school principal for over 15 years - which should qualify me as a bit of an expert).  I too am always interested in what resources parents of adolescents are looking for, as my (late) wife and I wrote a book on parenting (Great Parenting Skills [GPS] for Navigating Your Kid's Personality) and I present workshops on parenting in Ontario and parts of the U.S.  (One of my popular workshops is entitled "Surviving Your Adolescents: How to Manage and Let Go of your 13-18 Year Olds".)  So, I wanted to bring those resources to your attention should parents be looking for information on parenting based on temperament (personality). Would love to continue the conversation with you.

Great article. I would like to suggest that one of the top climate scientists in the world, who is also a Christian - and openly advocates for that position, is Katherine Hayhoe.



Great article! Thanks Jim.  I ran my first Boston marathon a couple of weeks ago, so this really resonated with me. I came for Ontario (near Toronto) and I'm now eager to return and do it again (and even try to do a bit better, and I'm over 70 - so a big ask!). And the words of Paul were an encouragement for me. The start line was great - the finish line - amazing! Cheers!

Great article, Eric. Thanks for sharing. As a Canadian faced with deciding which political party to vote for in a week, I find it disturbing that during the heat of campaigning, there is very little listening going on.

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