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My name is Catherine Beryl Gee, I'm interested in taking Anti Racism Workshops virtually due to covi'd 19. Could you please give me more information on your Anti Racism Workshops.  I am a member of Faith Church in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

 All the people that I meet, are precious and treasures to me! With God's Love filling my heart, I CHERISH all the moments we share. The strength of a true friend, a Brother and Sister in Christ, miles can never keep us apart! Catherine Gee

Hope In Christ! Through Jesus Christ, Our Faith, Prayers And Hope, we are sustained by the Holy Spirit. Together as Sisters and Brothers in Christ and the CRC Faith, we uphold one another, through life's trials.  Even though we see injustices everywhere, the Belgic Confessions are in our minds and hearts. God has a plan and purpose for all of us.  With Jesus Blood and Grace we are forgiven and renewed.  Apostle Paul was chained, he still wrote letters of hope and instructions for Jesus Ministry, to Christs followers.  For the blood of Christ sets us all Free!  My Sister in Christ Jamie Buisman has walked beside us since October 19, 2015, and together we will all walk towards Jesus Arms! With warm Christian love Catherine Gee, a member of Faith Church in Burlington, Ontario Canada.

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