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 I look to Jesus because he is familiar. I respect Muhammad and Islam too. I read whatever is clever. It’s all the same principle expressed in different ways.

I think people tend to have a misperception of who Jesus is. He was often a smart aleck, he kicked tables over, he talked back, he said to his mother “woman what does your concern have to do with me? John 2:11. He left to do his fathers work when he was 11 and scared his mother half to death. Jesus associated with the outcasts… he came for the chief priests…His first miracle was turning water into wine so people could party on 😂. 😳 

Jesus was perfect…he showed love, he stayed loyal, he healed the sick and cured the blind, he gave people hope, he stuck up for others, he was the real deal. We have an unrealistic idea of what perfect is.

Muhammad was a man who his brethren could understand and relate to. Different people but Gods spirit was with them both.  God works through people. If we reject the son, we reject the father. We are all Gods children. Muhammad did say Jesus was the greatest profit that ever lived and may peace be upon him. May peace be upon them both.

God ordains in all the churches. Jesus and Muhammad were servants of God. Comparing is apples to oranges …we are to let each remain in the state they were called. But I see nothing wrong with getting to know them both. You can never have too many good friends.

The Bible mentions other “Gods” such as Apollos more than once. The original sons of God. Genesis seems to describe more than the creation of Adam and Eve. There is much to be interpreted. Everything unfolds with or without our conscious knowing or understanding … God makes me to lie in green pastures but every every now and then I like to hear others interpret events, purpose, etc. God is referred to as God until a specific point in Genesis and then he is referred to as Lord God. No one has seen God. But Cain and Abel stood before him right?

In the beginning was the word …and the word  and the word was with God and the word was God. -The Gospel According to John 

I love Canva! It’s free for non-profits. You just apply on the website and upload your 501 (c) 3 exemption, or the articles of incorporation. I believe the bylaws work too. You can create anything on  canva. It’s also quick and simple if you need to electronicallly sign a document. One day I probably downloaded 3 different apps, created accounts, for it to cost an arm and a leg. I didn’t even think about Canva. 

When you file taxes or a 990 at the end of the year, check the change name box. It is really that simple. You can change the name of a business anytime, however there is no fee to update the name with a tax or exemption filing. - signed the girl who couldn’t make up her mind about a  name!

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