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The Skit Guys have some scripts available. Perhaps one of them might work for you. Here is the link:

Hi, I agree with Ken - sorry for not responding earlier. These are tough questions that you are asking but I am sure many young adults across North America are asking the same questions - how far is too far with drinking, sexual conduct etc. As Ken mentioned the Holy Spirit must be your guide.  Dig deep into God's Word - it speaks to every situation. The more you understand Scripture the easier the decisions will be. Please don't misunderstand - it's aways tough to make the right decision when other Youth Adults do not have the same convictions as you do when it comes to 'how far is too far'. Be strong, trust God to guide you, be sensitive to His Whisper and move ahead boldly in His name. Constantly read His Word, seek council from the wise people in your life. I wish there was an easy answer but I am afraid there isn't. Jesus said, "Take up the cross DAILY". Blessings to you Cindy.

I would rather see today's youth memorize Bible passages instead of the Heidelberg. The Heidelberg is a great tool to help us understand the Scriptures from a Reformed perspective but if we are going to make our youth memorize, let them memorized the infallible, inspired Word of God.

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Marcel deRegt on March 31, 2010

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WOW! Sounds like a great ministry you have with your after school program. Can you lay out for us how the 3 1/2 hours look from week-to-week? Do the youth run around and play? Is there some structure to it other than a meal and worship time? Has the ministry grown in the past 5-years? How many volunteers do you have to run the ministry?

It sounds like you have something good going here and perhaps this is an idea that other Youth Workers across North America might be interested in promoting in their respective churches.

Thanks 'Skuipers'

Marcel deRegt on February 3, 2010

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Jolanda, thanks for your comments. We hope that this site will be helpful and informative to youth workers across North America. Thanks also for your input, I will check it out and see if we can get it added to the site for other youth workers to enjoy. If you have any more websites to recommend or thoughts you would like to share please pass them on. Thanks so much!!!

Marcel deRegt on November 30, 2010

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OK John, you have me very curious - give us a little more details on the games you mentioned. Perhaps there is a youth group leader out there that would like to take the challege and introduce one of the 'oldies' in their youth group. It would be good to get a little physical with our games once again. Please share some more details for us curious games people.

'Running a string across the canal....' Please tell more. :)

You're right, this is nothing new and that was addressed. But what is NEW is that it's being talked about openly at a much broader level within the denomination. Churches, Classis and Synod are ready to receive what is being said and to begin the refining process. Even though it may seem like 'nothing new under the sun' this Classis took the time to LISTEN!

Marcel deRegt on February 4, 2010

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Mark, Great comment! In my previous church we did the Myers Briggs Personality Test between the staff members. It was incredibly helpful to us in understanding each others personalities and how to work with each one uniquely. It was a great tool to work through with fellow staff members. Thanks for pointing this out.

You are correct in saying that when you turn your children over to youth groups with leaders you expect them to take some responsibility. I could not agree more but.....

There seems to be a trend with parents within the church to run to the youth pastor to solve many of the problems their youth are facing. If there is a disturbance within youth group the youth pastors and the volunteers will do their best to take care of the situation. But if the probelm continues outside of youth, or if it is a personal conflict due to personalities of the youth involved, I feel it to far more benificial for parents to talk directly to each other first before brining in a 3rd party.

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This website does not have any job descriptions available to view but feel free to email me at [email protected] and I can send you some that way as well as interview questions etc. Hope this is helpful.

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