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Thanks for the detailed history and explanation.  

I do have a copy of the Articles of Incorporation filed in 1957 (no mention of what constitutes membership) but I do not have any Bylaws, and the state of California only has Articles of Incorporation.  My next step is to see if any of our members know where there might be a copy of the Bylaws.

Thanks Alina.  There is a used copy available via Amazon.  I have found seven books on this topic and now need to select one without reading each of them.

I recommend "The Language of God" by Francis Collins. Collins headed the human genome project and started college as an agnostic, went to atheism, and finally to Christianity. His credentials could scare some people but he writes in a very user friendly, non-technical style. Also, he credits the writings of C. S. Lewis as being instrumental in his journey to faith.

I always listen to the following podcasts during my regular gym workouts:

1.  The Bible for Normal People  -- by Pete Ens and Jared Byas - Interviews with Biblical scholars from a variety of universities and various faith traditions.

2.  Biologos - started by Dr. Francis Collins.  Interviews and discussions dealing with the compatibility of science and faith.

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