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Thanks Keith, for an excellent statement(s).  I know of too many cases where PJ's situation is repeated over and over, mainly due to the 10/25 statement by Keith.

Tracking membership is an ongoing challenge for us since members rarely let us know whether they are going to another church or not. Especially with Covet situation, and services also being on-line it is impossible just to look at people and know whether they are still 'coming' or not.

I believe it is OK to ask for vaccination status. Vaccination is to protect others, not only oneself. If someone comes to Church who is not vaccinated, the person may be a threat to others! If the church does not want to ask for vaccination then other members may not want to come to church!

I believe asking is fine since it is done in love.  Vaccination is done also to protect others, not just onesself.

This requires churches to be part of one community and working with churches in that one community.  I am part of a congregation with members all over a large city. Each member would be close to other churches in their own smaller community. An article showing how churches can work together in such a situation would be helpful.

We have been putting the bulletin out via e-mail during the CV crisis. Our bulletin Editor is planning to go to Europe for her sabbatical and no one has offered to take her place yet.  Although there are many ways to get 'news' via the computer, it would take effort to prepare something and send it out via e-mail.


In the past, when Churches started splitting from the Catholic Church every new church wanted to know who their members were.  A membership list is handy to report to Head Office and know the commitment.  What Christ wanted was one church. Now church membership seems very fluid. When you see them - or not! rather than all the paper.

Thanks Amenda:

In our small church we have a few survivors of abuse who fled to us.  Thanks for letting God lead you in your new position.


August Guillaume


My dad was a minister and my mom helped him a whole lot; not always positive vibes but little suggestions which made him a better leader and preacher.


August Guillaume

Discussing what comes 'next' even though there is no indication the virus is receding and there is no cure is not a wise use of words.  It indicates things are improving or safety can be lessened, simply because we want it.

Canadian CRC churches usually keep membership records. This comes from our Dutch background where geneological data were kept by churches after the reformation. Likely the same reason US CRC churches still do that.

How long we will keep doing this is anyone's guess.

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