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  Thank you for the thought provoking article.  I too have thought a lot about the call process in the CRC and wondered what the best length of time it is for a pastor to stay.  It's very hard to know what is best.  I have always wanted to stay one year too less instead of one year too many.  That's also hard to determine.

  Thank you also for sharing the call letter from your Grand Grandfather to Alto CRC in Alto, Wisconsin.  I was baptized in that church and spent the first 10 years there.  Thanks for bringing me back to my childhood.

Thanks again.

Mark Vande Zande

Pastor at 1st CRC, Orange City, Iowa

Every year, on Mother's Day, we do a Men's/Boy's Walk-up Choir to honor the women in our lives.  Every year, on Father's Day, we do a Woman's/Girls Walk-up Choir to honor the men in our lives.

At every Elders meeting we always ask the question - How is ministry going?  We go around the room and each Elder has an opportunity to give feedback on the way ministry is handled.  It sometimes becomes a basic evaluation of my work as a Pastor, but there has been some very fruitful things that have come from that.  Also, every 3 months we still do Mutual Censure and it has been a blessing to find out how the Council feels about the Ministry of the Church.

Thank you Sam for reminding us once again of the importance of the preaching of the Word and why it is and always will be considered one of the 3 marks of the true church.

I hope the seminary provides training for leadership of funerals, weddings, baptisms, and the Lord Supper.  Coming out of Seminary I had never led a funeral or knew what to do.  I had never officiated at a wedding and new what pre-marital counseling materials to use and what a wedding would or could or should look li.e  I had never been part of a baptism service or Communion Service - so what are some of the things you do to lead those types of services. 



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