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Welcome Chelsea! We are glad to have you 'here'! Hopefully one day soon-ish we'll be able to meet in person. Until then I will probably see you on zoom sometime. We are praying for you as you adapt to this new job, in these unusual days!


Christine Dekker (Faith Formation Ministries Admin)

This gives me hope! What a wonderful story of the way God gifts us all differently and uniquely, and how those gifts can be used for His church. We are a body that needs all different parts to function. This story is a good reminder that we all play a part.
I hope you get to sing safely together soon!

love this:

"Family issues? Jesus experienced that. Feeling betrayed by friends? Jesus knows that. Exhausted from work? Jesus napped. Feeling like people misunderstand you? Jesus went through that. Feeling alone and abandoned by friends? Jesus felt that. People not recognizing the work you have done? Jesus only had one leper come back and thank Him. Stressed by life? Jesus cried out to the Father. Mourning the loss of a friend? Jesus wept. Frustrated with illness? Jesus felt compassion on the crowds."

Thanks for this Philip. I think we tend to glamorize the life of Jesus in our heads and forget that He did really experience IT ALL and more! Thank you for drawing us into Christmas even in this unusual, difficult season in history.

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