I'm the treasurer of our deacons at Grace CRC in Chatham Ontario. We've been asked if it is possible to designate donations to Resonate as either domestic or international.  How does this work?

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The reality is, it is much too simple to click “I am over 18” to enter a pornographic website.

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Quality marketing and communication in the church makes a difference. Here’s why.

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What would you hope for from a Coffee Break Leader training? When asked, the 32 leaders gathered in Chicagoland resonated with two common themes: encouragement and becoming more effective in leading conversation.

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Join us for one (or all!) of these free worship training sessions this fall. 

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“What is your only comfort in life and in death?” A new course called The Big Question dives deep into Heidelberg Catechism Q&A 1 in four easy-to-lead sessions.

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Systems are made up of policies, which are in the hands of politicians, who are elected through partisanship, which puts us all in our silos. So this stuff is hard, and it feels bad. 

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I see a church community as a place to experience the contagiousness of courage. Surrounded by fellow hikers on the path, we hear and see people cheering us on while we in turn do the same for others.

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Do you have any resources/tips/advice for a ladies Bible study who would like to introduce prayer partners? I am leading about 10 women and would like to introduce the idea to them. 

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Classis Grand Rapids South has created a 30 day devotional to promote a time of prayer and celebration commemorating the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation. We'd love for you to use and share! 

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Kathy took great care in telling her Story Hour children that Bible stories are true. She wasn't sure, however, what impression she was making. But one day a mother of one of Kathy's three-year-olds shared a story from home. 

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First Reformed Church (FRC) in Lynden, WA, is seeking an individual to provide fulltime leadership to our student ministries, grades 6-12.

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Did you know that the Christian Reformed Church sponsors its own agency who specializes in offering insurance benefits to churches? If you're looking for insurance or have questions, let's talk! 

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By sharing our best ideas and leaning on each other for support, we can better grow God’s garden. Connect with other small group leaders in our new Facebook group: Coffee Break Leader Connect. 

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We've assembled fresh content to help you and your church learn about human trafficking in Canada and respond. 

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Please consider using this prayer for the suffering church in Egypt on November 5 or 12, the International Day(s) of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. 

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Faith Formation Ministries is seeking a part-time (8-15 hour/week) Children's Ministry Catalyzer. 

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Dear teenager, I see you. I see you torn between becoming what God designed you to be and pleasing culture. I see you trying to balance it all. As your youth pastor, here is my plea for you. 

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Covenant Life Church, nestled in beautiful downtown Grand Haven, is seeking a uniquely gifted pastor who values shared leadership in a collaborative co-pastor arrangement. 

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Typically, those who trust others have a heart of empathy, are naively innocent (without “street smarts”), and are more easily taken advantage of. Predators know this and zero in on their target like a hunter on its prey.

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Pornography is part of a global injustice and abuse of women and children and is not simply an issue of a man’s personal struggles with temptation.

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