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This fall we’re celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. I can’t think of a better Sunday take home gift for everyone in your congregation than a copy of Ten Ways My Reformed Identity Shapes My Faith.

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Faith Formation Ministries invites you to consider joining a cohort of twenty congregations that will work with us to intentionally strengthen their faith formation practices from October 2017 to January 2019. 

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Okay, so I’m late to the game. I finally read Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, and I still haven’t seen the movie. Though late, I still feel compelled to comment.

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As I listened to Father Chacour describe the oppression the Palestinian people experience under the Israeli occupation, I was convicted by his challenge. Am I willing to raise hell for justice in Palestine?

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This message by Dan Vander Plaats, Director of Advancement at Elim Christian Services, winsomely challenges his audience to examine their own attitudes toward people who have disabilities.

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I love David’s invitation in Psalm 34:8 to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” The verse is so tangible, a reminder that we can experience God's goodness. In what ways have you tasted and seen God's goodness this summer? 

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Crossroads CRC in beautiful North San Diego County is seeking a senior pastor who is a collaborative leader with a passion for worship, discipleship, and outreach.

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The Well, a small church in Kelowna, BC, is looking for a lead pastor. 

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This is a portion of Rudy's August newsletter for the US-West region. Sign up to receive your full Race Relations regional newsletter at 

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This is a portion of Viviana's August newsletter. Sign up to receive your full Race Relations regional newsletter at 

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This is a portion of Bernadette Arthur's Canada newsletter for August. Sign up to receive full-length Race Relations newsletters at

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Many people that we meet at the farmer's market don’t know where our church is located. The market has provided an opportunity to tell them both where we are and a bit more about who we are. 

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Faith Formation Ministries presents, Choosing a Curriculum,  the companion video to the guide a "10 Question Tool for Choosing Children's Ministry Curriculum." 

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Try to think of a single Bible verse that says our words and deeds toward issues of justice should be governed by our emotions. 

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The Christian Reformed Office of Chaplaincy and Care is excited to introduce Adie, Jacob, Bernie, and Trent, our newly endorsed chaplains! 

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What do the calls to hospitality & reconciliation mean for your church’s relationships with Indigenous peoples?

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Pillar Church in Holland, MI, is looking for an Executive Pastor. 

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Leaders guides and two student packages available for each season. No charge for you, just pay for shipping, or we'll deliver locally.  

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According to Daoud Nassar, most tourists go to the holy land to see dead stones. They don't see how the people of Palestine live under the Israeli occupation. Our team went to see the living stones of Palestine. 

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When I ask people about Beer and Hymns, I am struck by two things. First, they always want to go back. Second, they love to invite others. If you go (or want to go), will you tell us your favorite part? 

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There is no doubt racism is wrong. The question for those of us in the Christian Reformed Church living above the Mason-Dixon line is, how do we face this wrong without keeping records?

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