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ReFrame Media has designed a special (free!) Advent devotional series, Waiting In Expectation, to help you see God's story in your life.

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The World Renew 2017-18 Gift Catalog is a way to "stand in the gap" on behalf of people who face oppression and poverty. Invite your church to help fill the poverty gap this Christmas!

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I am looking for a devotion to use for our upcoming congregational meeting that will emphasis sharing about how we have experienced God in our day to day lives. Any ideas? 

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This Giving Tuesday, Americans and Canadians have the chance to have their gifts matched to help refugees.

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Hope Fellowship CRC in Denver, CO is looking for an energetic and creative person to plan, lead, and assist in the faith formation of our middle school and high school youth. 

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We preach in our churches but in the larger sense we are always preaching in public. We cannot bracket out the larger world when we preach.

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Living Water CRC is seeking a full-time pastor to provide effective leadership to the life and ministry of Living Water CRC, Grand Rapids, MI. 

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January 21 is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, and the CRC Office of Social Justice has created bulletin inserts for your church to honor the day. Order today! 

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I am looking for several copies of "A Place to Stand" for a College & Careers group. Does anyone have some available?

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Many pastors spend the majority of their work week in their church building and struggle to find ways to engage their community day to day. What if we were able to knock out office work while at the same time engaging in passive evangelism?

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We will bow our hearts in prayer on December 5 (time to be announced) in a conference call, as the Black and Reformed Leadership Network continues to unite, minister and grow in our calling. 

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Cutlerville East CRC (Grand Rapids, MI) is searching for a full-time minister as our current pastor is retiring in April 2018.

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Giving is the life-blood of every church. Yet in today’s world of PayPal, ApplePay and Venmo have we kept pace with how our people like to give? Here are some suggestions for creating a more giving friendly church.

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Is leadership an innate ability bequeathed to a chosen few? Or, is the art of leadership something that a person can grow into and hone over time?

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Christian doctrine is based on several theological twins e.g., truth & grace, fully God & fully human, sovereignty & free-will. Similarly, church renewal is elliptical. Renewal only happens when churches invest in the following twins.

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Community CRC (Wyoming, MI) is looking for a part-time Post High Ministry Leader. Application deadline: December 31, 2017.

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Harderwyk Ministries (Holland, MI) is seeking a third Teaching Pastor to join its pastoral team.

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Mill Creek Community Church, located in the exciting and growing north Seattle area, seeks a pastor to lead it into the next phase of its mission. 

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Hillcrest CRC in Hudsonville, MI is looking for a Youth Director to disciple our youth to be lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.  

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If you've read Canoeing the Mountains, what was your top takeaway?

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An article I read about churches hiring people with disabilities contained helpful information but their approach emphasized that hiring anyone with a disability is fraught with "landmines." Ouch!

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