Let's Talk Podcasts! What Are Your Favorites?


Podcasts continue to gain popularity and it's not hard to see why! With over 550,000 active podcasts on iTunes, the sheer volume of topics, conversations, stories, and learning opportunities at our fingertips is enormous. And we can consume them, for free, on our time. What's not to love? 

Though late to jump on the bandwagon, I now subscribe to four different podcasts (and listen to many others upon recommendation). Podcasts have energized many days and refocused others. 

Curious, do you listen to podcasts? What are you favorites and which would you recommend?

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I don't know if these qualify as podcasts, but I like to listen to the posted sermons from my friends' church in Australia, Maitland Presbyterian Church. 


I think we can totally count it, Anita! Any particular sermon you'd recommend if others wanted to check out?

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My absolute top favorite is "On Being" with Krista Tippett. It is awesome! Krista received the presidential award a couple years ago and it was well-deserved.  (https://onbeing.org/)

Other faves:

- For the Love, Jen Hatmaker - Jen is smart, funny, does good interviews. (http://jenhatmaker.com/podcast.htm)

- Hidden Brain - Really interesting look at studies of behavior. Engaging host, Shankar Vedantam. (https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510308/hidden-brain)

- This Movie Changed Me - came from the On Being Project. Seems like an odd topic but really well done and interesting. (https://onbeing.org/series/this-movie-changed-me/)

- Medium Playback - Medium is a site where authors publish essays and exchange ideas. The podcast is a popular essay being read and discussed by the writer. Thought-provoking! (https://medium.com/s/playback)

- Criminal - Stories of crimes. Interviews with the perpetrators and victims. Deep dives. (https://thisiscriminal.com/)

- Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me - Fun and funny news quiz show. A classic. (https://www.npr.org/podcasts/344098539/wait-wait-don-t-tell-me)

- Story Corps - Another classic. Often makes me cry. Touching stories told by people in a booth talking to each other. (https://storycorps.org/)

Serial, Rewrite Radio, Reply All, Planet Money, Invisibilia, Fresh Air, Death Sex & Money.

Yes, I'm a podcast nerd!!



This is an amazing list! I had 3 hours in the car last night and am now a big fan of 'On Being' with Krista Tippett. Did you catch her interview with Eugene Peterson? Really interesting. 

I'm also a big fan of Jen Hatmaker's podcast. You've given me lots to check out! 

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Yes, I did hear the Eugene Peterson one. Wonderful, and so bittersweet now with his death. What a treasure he was.

Another one that really struck me was an interview with James Martin, SJ. It started me on my journey of the Jesuit traditions which really changed my life. I wrote a series of blogs on that interview: http://www.mavismoon.com/2015/07/finding-god-in-all-things.html. The interview itself is here: https://onbeing.org/programs/james-martin-finding-god-in-all-things/,

Glad you checked these out!


I heard a podcast episode recently on This American Life about Church Planting. At first it was interesting to hear how the world thought about church planting... then when it focused in on a story about  Watson Jones I relived some of the pain I've experienced as I've attempted to plant a church in our neighborhood. I haven't listened to them all, but there is a whole series that continues on from that episode from Startup Podcast. I have heard it is quite good!

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Yes, I heard the series on the Startup podcast and I agree it's really good. You should listen to it!


How cool is this? Love the focus on church planting. Thanks for sharing! 


"The Bible for Normal People" by Peter Enns and Jared Byas has really got me thinking about all sorts of stuff lately.


The title has me so intrigued. Any favorite episodes? 


Tons!  Browse the episode titles, and see what strikes you- they tend to be a little tongue in cheek, and are always thought provoking. (Their tagline is, "the only God-ordained podcast on the internet.")

They also have excellent guests, and they do FAQ episodes. Great for some deep dives into scripture. 

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Definitely planning to check this out!

My Number 1 right now is Theocast, put out by a Bible church in Nashville.  Four guys who love the Lord (and each other) sit around a table and chat about theology stuff.  "Brief musings on eternal matters"  It's aimed primarily at Evangelicals, but from a Reformed (and confessional!) perspective.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  Weekly.

I like Mortification of Spin, from the Alliance of Confessional Evangelicals.  A (PCA) pastor, a seminary professor (Trueman) and a "housewife theologian" (Aimee Byrd) talk about various church things.  Weekly.

For the slightly goofier, there's "Doctrine and Devotion".  A couple of guys (Joe & Jimmy) who don't take themselves too seriously make fun of each other...oh, and talk about theology.

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These sound great! I'll add them to my "Library," as the Apple app calls it and  check them out.


I love podcasts! It is one of my favorite ways to grow in my knowledge of the scriptures and theology. I actually have grown soo much from podcasts that I decided to start my own. My podcast is one of a number of other podcasts on a network called the Society of Reformed Podcasters. You can learn more about my show and the other podcasts on the Society at reformedpodcasts.com. 


Some of my favorite podcasts to listen to right now are Reformed Brotherhood, Reformed Forum, CrossPolitic, White Horse Inn, Theology Gals, The Dividing Line, Rebel Alliance Media, Theocast, and many others.

I really enjoy Quick To Listen from Christianity Today.  I love their gracious spirit and fresh thoughts from outside the Christian bubble. Recent favorites have been: 

What Tim Keller Wants American Christians To Know About Politics October 2 

Climate Change Divides the US Church. It Unites the Global One. October 17

I enjoy the "Tribe of Mentors" podcast series by Tim Ferriss. He typically asks interviewees to name their favorite books, which has helped me stumble upon some good reads.


YES to podcasts that help me discover new books!


I listen to quite a few:

TGC Podcast

Quick to Listen


The Off-Kilter Quilter

The Moment with Brian Koppelman 

My favorite is "The Pivot" with Andrew Osenga. Andrew interviews folks who have had a major change(s) in their lives. I've come to know new authors, singers, etc. 

My second favorite is "Signposts with Russell Moore." 


Thanks Theona! I'm intrigued by lots of these but will check out 'The Pivot' first. 


I also heard Church Juice launched a podcast! https://churchjuice.reframemedia.com/podcast/