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Hi there! I'm Megan, the Communications Coordinator for Faith Formation Ministries. Thank you for providing such kind feedback. I took a look at the section "Throwing Out the Money Changers" that you mentioned and noticed the description in the devotion only mentions children shouting "Hosanna," which does make it seem like it belongs to Palm Sunday and not "Throwing Out the Money Changers." But did you know the children in the temple courts (after Jesus overturned the tables) were shouting "Hosanna" too? I didn't until I took a second look at the listed passage (Matthew 21:12-17). The listed passage does appear to fit, but I learned something new because of your feedback, so thanks for reaching out!

Hi Gwen! The Big Question is a resource that focuses on Question and Answer 1 of the Heidelberg Catechism over a couple of sessions and would work with group of people from teens on up. That product page also includes a sample pdf which lists additional/background resources that might be helpful to you. 

We also have coaches who would be glad to talk with you. (And for CRC churches it's free!) You can find the contact info for the coach for your region here:

Hi Leon,

How encouraging to hear of these folks who want to profess their faith and that they can do so in open and creative ways! If you are interested, the Professing Our Faith toolkit also has ideas and creative ways churches have explored professing faith. FFM's regional catalyzers are also available to to coach, brainstorm and walk alongside CRC churches and leaders with faith formation questions. We'd love to start a conversation to get you connected! Just email [email protected].

Hi Bill,

Thanks for responding with such a rich wondering question - is there really no wrong way to pray? That's the kind of "big, small, weird, or hard-to-ask-in-church" question that we like to explore on the Open to Wonder podcast. It's good to hear you note the spirit of the title, a spirit that's aimed at dispelling fear, uncertainty, and "I-need-to-have-the-perfect-words" assumptions about approaching God in prayer. We're glad we can ask these questions, think about what it means to pray, and grow in faith together. If you want to keep the conversation going, we'd love to hear from you at [email protected].

Hi Jess!

Our team said they looked at Michaels and got a couple bags of small "vase-filler" type rocks to include in the bags for multiple families at church. For individual families using this idea, a simple activity could be finding rocks on a walk outside and then painting them. We'd love to hear how it goes for you! 

We want to hear from you.

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