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Hi Staci,

At our church, our worship experience opens every single Sunday with a welcome that always includes

"while we love gathering on Sunday mornings to sing, pray and hear from Scripture, this is not all we are. As a church, We're actually a collection of smaller gatherings, called House Gatherings, that meet together during the week. A house gathering is a group of people who commit to learning to live and love like Jesus together. If you're interested in finding out more about these talk to me, or Pastor Corey, or fill out one of the cards on your table." 

I think we do it so often that people who've never spoken those words - could probably recite them verbatim!

check out what it sounds like live at the 3:30 mark of the video...


Hope it helps

Arm Chair Expert with Dax Shepherd - always good to get the perspective of so many different guests from many domains of life. Especially helpful to hear non-christian perspective on life rather than what I might imagine non-christians think or feel. 


Nateland - feel good clean comedy from Nate Bargatze and friends


Huberman Lab Podcast - Dr. Huberman is a professor of neuro science at Stanford School of Medicine. His podcast walks through the neuro science behind a variety of different aspects of life (sleep, exercise, relationships, nutrition, dopamine, motivation, etc.) 



RedeemerOnlineChurch is a digital expression of the church that seeks to venture into the digital landscape and help the physically scattered to digitally gather and grow as disciples. For more checkout, or on Instagram! 

Just finished a series called "Habits: 5 Essential Rhythms of a Healthy Jesus Follower" - based on Acts 2:42-47 

They were - Gather, Grow Spiritually, Give Generously, Serve Faithfully, Hospitable Fellowship.


This weekend we are starting a 4 week series through Philippians called "Mindset" facing down problematic mindsets and embracing preferable ones.. (People in Process, Humilty, Where Worth Comes From, Focus)

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I appreciate your comment Staci, thanks for reading and engaging. The idea here was a two way challenge, to re-engage church in a communally rather than consumeristically fashion - and a challenge to those of us who are leaders to not fall into the trap of making church something that is so dispensable. This two way challenge hit me solid in the chest, and I thought it'd be worth sharing. Thanks again for your thoughts!

This week we are starting a 2 part series called "Predicting the Future: No Crystal Ball Required" using Proverbs 6. 

Then we will be doing a series on Spiritual Gifts called "From Recipient to Participant: How to Do Church"


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