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Hi Staci! 

In addition to chocolate (obviously!), you could add a prayer journal, a fun pen, and a bookmark with an encouraging verse on it. I also love this graphic treatment of Heidelberg Catechism Q&A 1--you could create your own version of that using your computer rather than hand-done calligraphy. Making a 5x7 postcard-size version of that would be so cool, and you could purchase inexpensive frames for them if you like.....

Hi Kathy! One option to check out would be the Together curriculum from Friendship Ministries. It's designed for people with varying levels of cognitive challenges, and is totally online. I'm not certain how it would work without a facilitator, but perhaps someone at Friendship Ministries could help with that. Website is I'd also recommend taking a look at the free videos from The Bible Project ( are fabulous, and your sister could definitely watch those on her own as a way to learn more about God's story!

Kathy, if leaving home is an option, she might really enjoy being part of a Friendship group if there is one near you. Here's the form to fill out to see if there's a local group: 


Thanks, Larry! Yes, sabbath can be a struggle, even though it's a great gift! It's our hope that the Faith Practices Project resources will be helpful as people enter into an exploration of how they might come to love and celebrate sabbath more fully. And thank you for your June Network post! I just ran across it and will add it to our sabbath resources--good stuff to ponder there.

A few days ago the sky was filled with the biggest, brightest rainbow I'd ever seen, and it reminded me of God's love and care for us even as we go through these harrowing times.

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