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The concept, looking back moving forward is called Sankofa, a west African word.

Looking back is foundational, it is important to take the viewpoint of what had been achieved despite all the hurdles our ancestors faced and overcame. I.E. Tuskegee Institute, Mehary Medical, HBCU’s, inventors, Black successful towns, their violent destruction, etc.

Thanks for your work.


Very good points. Congregations vary demographically. Age brackets, economic variants, social, political, culture capital, to name a few require assessment of in-congregation discussions and assessment before developing plans for community programs. Different generations have varied world-views. Thus there may need be multiple outreach strategies. Question: is the neighborhood changing faster than the congregation? Question 2: What do the young congregants think they can/should do? Seniors? 30, 40, 50 something's? etc. 



It is a gross generalization to assume all people of 'other' ethnic or cultural backgrounds are poor and/or do not have or give resources to their churches. One person's opinion does not shake my foundation of faith in God or the CRCNA. And they have a right to their opinion(s). I find my Joy and Peace in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christs' assurance of Grace. physics means energy to act or create movement (horsepower).

It is not used today related to bringsing about change or movement “peacefully.”

Rather it’s used in context of forcing change by friction. Example protesting. 

Coercion is too often viewed as power using force or intimidation (both negative ways of being).

Contemporary use of the word is too often wrong.

God and The People can give or grant Spiritual the other secular.

Acceptance and Inclusion have to be a two way experience.

Saying “I don’t know about your culture” is not an even exchange.

Let’s not forget the early church was inclusive.


Christian forefathers laid the path to the Gospel centuries ago.

Translating the Bible and songs of the faith many non-European churches are established.

Yet the undercurrent message we send out today is the Believers of Faith somehow need our “help” to spread the Gospel.

I pray we can mature in Christ to equal partnership.

Choices, choose to follow God's commission or choose to provide for aesthetics. The choices are never simple or easy. As congregants' resources shrink, so too do church resources. My question is how do we address the olde saying: Give until it hurts? If I give willingly the 'hurt' is less, the joy is more.

Interesting and wise words! Far too often I've thought the same thoughts Wendy. What holds my spirit together is personal rembrance of the Great Commission. Often, too often, I just 'go' on my own to witness the Gospel a habit I learned from my evangelist grandmother Jansia Eiland Harper. Witness is missional wherever a Christian sits, stands, walks, talks and travels. Online witness can be used to show God's Love and Grace (without the point-counterpoint arguments :) ).

A webinar would be a constructive way to focus the missional work we want and are called to do. Thanks

Thank you Wendy for this posting. I continue to experience similar comments when I travel in Africa and ask : What would you have me do? Prayers and returning are often the top responses. Encouraging people to believe that THEY can achieve using their own meager resources by working together in Christ's name has yielded consitent results on small scale projects.

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