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A partner in prevention - PreventConnect has offered these resources as well:

Equitable Community Engagement in the Time of Social Distancing:

Leading Groups Online: A Down-and-Dirty Guide to Leading Online Courses, Meetings, Trainings, and Events During the Coronavirus Pandemic:      line.pdf

Preventing Violence in Our Homes: Meeting this moment with connection, care, and justice

Let’s Connect: Preventing Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence During a Pandemic 

We've had some feedback about this webinar from those who felt that not enough attention was paid to the harm done by narcissism, especially church leaders. Just a note here - This webinar focused on the person with narcissistic tendencies, and less focus was given to those who have been victimized. It's valuable, with a prevention focus, to look at what needs to happen within those who have narcissistic tendencies, to stop the behavior and prevent future harm. That does not negate the need to understand the deep and often devastating effects of those who have been on the receiving end of this behavior. Both those who are harmed, and those who cause harm require healing in their inner being. And it may be a long and painful journey. The Church has a role to play, if we want our churches to be healing places that reveal God's transforming power. Safe church has heard many, many stories over the years of devastation caused by those with narcissistic tendencies, including church leaders. To help people understand these impacts, we've gathered a series of blogs/stories. It's called S.O.S. Sharing our Stories, you can find them here on The Network. 

In addition, we've received feedback about other resources and links to other sites. This one features several articles, that may be helpful, Biblical Perspectives on Narcissism. While the Bible does not specifically refer to “narcissism” –  which takes its name from Greek mythology – it does speak to the subject. 

We appreciate the feedback, and hope that this webinar can be a first step, or a starting point for further discussion about this important and timely topic.

Throughout The Book of Forgiveness, Desmond Tutu and his daughter offer a number of activities that help you understand their discussion on forgiveness. An interesting one is carrying a rock with you for a week that represents the issue you are struggling with to find forgiveness for. If you are creative and enjoy journaling about life, this is a great book - they offer lots of ideas for this!

It was a great webinar! (Power With and Power Through ...)  So thought provoking - and the ideas expressed about a partnership model of power have really stuck with me.

Thank you for your wise words Jane. Lundy Bancroft is an excellent resource in helping us understand and recognize the patterns we see in situations of abuse. It's also a good reminder that specialized resources are needed, not just any counselor.

No one is ever outside the loving reach of our Lord, and he can do miraculous work. He is a God of invitation, and works only with those who are ready to cooperate with him to do the hard and painful work of acknowledging what is true and committing to the long journey toward healing.

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