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If I may help to clarify, The Network currently has four main content types: Resource, Discussion Topic, Blog and Q&A. Each ministry section (e.g. Pastors, Safe Church, Classis) has a "Filter by Type" option on its main landing page. On The Network home page at these content labels are quite visible and you'll see them to the left of the titles and/or under the picture thumbnails. In addition to "webinar recordings" like this one, we have over 40 other classifications of resources. I hope that's helpful to you as you navigate the site.


At the CRCNA we've facilitated many webinars on topics that are suitable for new and/or experienced elders. In some cases, these are presentations that have been used for the purposes of giving elders their training and/or orientation at various churches. You can see the full list of recordings here

There are several webinar recordings designed to help get deacons get off to a good start that are posted here on The Network. You'll also find a variety of recorded webinars suitable for new and/or experienced elders. Several of the recordings include slide handouts and/or additional helps for training purposes.


Assuming that you are looking for donations of these items, what type of artwork are you looking for (e.g. faith-based pictures, landscapes, framed posters, etc.)?

As for the church pew, are you looking for the older style of simply wood or would you prefer that it be the type that is upholstered? What about maximum/minimum length for the pew since they come in more than one size?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help prospective donors determine if they can help you out.


Sorry for the similarity in titles that could've caused the confusion.  The webinar "Being Community: Walking with Persons with Mental Illness" is scheduled for Sept. 26 and open for registration. There is a proposed webinar called: "A Compassionate Journey: Walking Alongside People with Disabilites and Chronic Illnesses" that has yet to be scheduled.

If you need additional information you can email me at [email protected].




Here's the rest of the info:

The audience is a smaller congregation in Denver, CO.  They did not specify a topic, but they are looking for someone who is "both good at teaching by lecture and teaching by hands-on group actions."  That's all the information I have.

I hope that helps.

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