I'm the treasurer of our deacons at Grace CRC in Chatham Ontario. We've been asked if it is possible to designate donations to Resonate as either domestic or international.  How does this work?

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The new-found courage by white-supremacists should force us to re-examine our naive assumptions about racism and how it is countered and contested.

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This book (Messages from Egypt: Ancient Egypt: Walking the Paths of the Ancient Egyptians (Volume 1)) outlines some of the connections between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Israel in eight lessons. 

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This resource warmly and clearly articulates ten answers to the question “What difference does being Reformed make in my daily life?”

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My focus during the week moved to loving the kids well. Though I wanted them to learn about teamwork and challenge, I hope they especially gained a view of what love should look like. 

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Not only can we learn from the history of the land and its peoples, but the present conflict also presents an opportunity to learn about God’s justice and peace from people who are seeking it with diligence and grace.

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In the ambiguity of the sin of racism, confession is good. Confession is important. And being willing to learn from the ambiguity helps build bridges that may not have been there before.

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The CRC Office of Race Relations is now offering discussion guides for small groups on books and films that address the topics of race and faith. First up is Trevor Noah's memoir, Born a Crime

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Here are ten of my top blessings from Inspire 2017, which happened last week in Detroit, MI. What are some of the blessings you experienced at Inspire? 

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Faith Formation Ministries has created a short video that provides a clear and concise overview of our ministry. Please feel free to use on FFM Offering Sunday (Aug 27 this year) or any other time in the year!

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Use this free bulletin insert (or shareable pdf) from Faith Formation Ministries as a way to let people know about the toolkits and where to find them online.

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Dr. Ray Bakke, a pioneer in urban community transformation, defines evangelism as “scratching where it itches.” What itches are happening in your community that need scratching? 

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Synod 1987 amended articles 74-77; however, I can find no record as to when article 73 was amended. Does anyone have any information on this?

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After a year or more in the planning stage, our church finally has the go-ahead to demolish our building and build a new church. Do you have any suggestions for how to involve our kids in this service? 

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The troubling reality is that pornography, shown to be damaging to children, remains a pervasive problem easily accessible to children—even through supposedly safe education resources like EBSCO. 

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Were you at Inspire 2017? If so, what was your favorite part?

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The Reformed Leadership Initiative team has created a project brief with highlights of the project, guiding principles, our vision for the next generation of leadership, and key learnings for the future. 

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A key component of a mission-focused transition is seeing a picture of what’s possible when the right investments become part of a congregation’s story. 

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Pastors are focused on meeting expectations (i.e., they want to keep their leaders and congregants happy and stay employed); and few churches expect their pastors to spend time in prayer.

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As I sit at the table, I have not said one single profound thing or come up with any solutions. But I am hearing stories, learning about the brokenness, and gaining a sense of the opportunities that exist. 

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Some recent conversations I've had with churches, pastors and candidates prompt me to name a reality that exists and needs to be challenged. The reality is that there is a prejudice against two groups of pastors. 

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